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What is goal of life?
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We are not this body. We are spirit souls. We are part and parcel of the Supreme absolute - Sri Krishna. The goal of our life is to establish the lost connection with the Supreme Personality - Sri Krishna.


All of us are looking for love. However, we are trying to search for so called love in this material world - a world which is full of greed, envy lust, anger, false ego & illusion. This material world is full of sorrow and misery. It is a temporary world. One can land into problems at any step. Thus our attempts to find real happiness in this material world invariably ends up in frustration. Real happiness can be found when we reawaken the dormant love or Krishna consciousness. Human life is a chance for us to reestablish this relationship.


Krishna consciousness is achieved by always thinking of Him by chanting His holy name, serving him, serving his devotees and by spreading the glories of holy name.

Thus, when we are engaged in Krishna consciousness, we experience the highest transcendental love - love of Krishna, the Supreme personality of Godhead or prema bhakti. Achieving prema bhakti is the goal of life. A life of eternity, knowledge and bliss!

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