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Purpose is to flood the entire universe with an ocean of Krishna prema, pure love of Godhead. We want to do this because everyone here in this material world is suffering like anything being disconnected from their home and their actual identity. It's a horrible situation here. This place is a disaster area because nobody knows who they are. And without knowing who they are there is no question of their actually being who they are. Everyone here lives in a false dream of trying to be something that they are not. Therefore everyone in this place is miserable. So may the flood of pure love of God immediately inundate the entire universe to free these poor souls from their misery. If one comes into contact with Krishna Consciousness and executes the process under the guidance of a bona fide guide, he is sure to go back to Godhead

Who is Krishna?

Who Am I ?

What Is KARMA?

What is Reincarnation?

What is goal of life?

What is Vedic Culture ?

What is Bhakti Yoga?

What is the Hare Krishna Chant?

Why Be Vegetarian?

Why to eat Prasadam?

The Significance of Deities and Deity Worship

The Peace Formula


Where the Teachings Come From?

Your Body Is GOD's Temple

Srimad Bhagavad Class

Hare Krishna JAPA

How I Came to Krishna Consciousness

Hare Krishna Calendar

Wall Papers

Vedic Quiz

ISKCON Book Distribution

Hare Krishna LINKs

ISKCON Frontiers

Gaudiya History

Vaishnava Jana Songs

ISKCON Centres

Vegetarian Cooking

Vaishnava Etiquette

The nonviolent violence of the Gita

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